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–Tone your body

CoolTone Treatments:

A CoolTone™ treatment in Lone Tree, Colorado will give you the toned, lean muscle you’ve always wanted — without the recovery time and pain of other procedures. This cutting-edge treatment is outfitted with advanced technology that stimulates, tightens, and strengthens the hard-to-reach muscles in your buttocks, abdomen, and thighs by electromagnetically stimulating muscles 30,000 times in each 30-minute session.

We also proudly provide CoolSculpting to clients in Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, Castle Rock and Parker areas in Colorado.

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Treatment overview


Undefined muscles



Time & Recovery

Procedure times can vary.
Recovery time is minimal; this is a non-surgical procedure.

–Benefits of CoolTone in Lone Tree


Non-Invasive Treatment

As a non-surgical procedure, CoolTone™ treatments in Lone Tree are virtually painless and require minimal recovery time. That means you can continue to do the things you love while undergoing treatment.



CoolTone™ is an FDA-cleared treatment. The muscle toning and strength you’ll experience with this procedure is both safe and non-invasive.

Location-Specific Results

CoolTone™ addresses specific problem areas, penetrating into muscle layers and inducing involuntary, painless muscle contractions.. That means you can get the looks you want, where you want.

Strengthen Muscles

By painlessly stimulating your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks muscles, CoolTone™ will strengthen and tone your muscles, giving you the fit look you’ve been after for years.

Look Great

With a noticeably leaner and toned body, you’ll feel inspired to live life with more confidence. That means saying yes to more of the things you love without second guessing how you look.

Feel Even Better

With a stronger, leaner body, you’ll feel more energy and inspiration to hit the gym, go for a swim, or even tackle that half marathon.

With No Downtime

CoolTone™ treatments in Lone Tree, Colorado mean you can look and feel your best without weeks, days, or even hours of recuperation. After your treatment, you can immediately jump back into doing the things you love.

Industry-Leading Technology

CoolTone uses safe, cutting-edge technology to shape your muscles. Here’s a look at some of the impressive treatment statistics:

Cooltone delivers 50% more magnetic intensity than leading competitors

Cooltone delivers over 25% more pulses per 30-minute treatment cycle than competitors

CoolTone mimics the body’s natural muscle-building process with the added benefit of deeper muscle fiber activation

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many sessions do I need?

This will vary based on your body type and goals. During your consultation, we’ll work to understand your desired results and prescribe the amount of sessions necessary to get the look you want.

What does it feel like?

Many patients report the feeling of a mild muscle contraction during their treatments.

Are there any side effects?

Mild muscle pain and cramping is common.

When will I see results?

Many patients see results after several weeks of treatment. This can vary based on your body type.

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