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CoolSculpting+ in Lone Tree

DejaVu Med Spa is excited to announce that we now offer CoolSculpting+ in Lone Tree!

We have invested in the latest CoolSculpting+ technology to allow for a quicker procedure time and a more effective, efficient treatment to help you reduce stubborn pockets of fat on the arms, legs, thighs, stomach, back, and more.

Notice that little plus sign next to CoolSculpting? Our CoolSculping machine in Lone Tree is not only the newest version of the machine on the market, but it also includes a ZWave treatment!

Read on to learn all about CoolSculpting + Zwave in Lone Tree Colorado and how DejaVu Med Spa can help with your stubborn pockets of fat.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary procedure that’s been taking our world by storm over the last year.

The CoolSculpting machine is designed to target stubborn pockets of fat—it uses special technology to literally freeze fat cells, which the body naturally digests and eliminates.

CoolSculpting is most effective for clients in Lone Tree and surrounding areas who lead a healthy lifestyle, but are having a difficult time reducing diet-and-exercise-resistant fat.

When maintained with healthy diet and exercise, the results of CoolSculpting are permanent!

Achieve a more sculpted you before summer and try CoolSculpting+ in Lone Tree at DejaVu Med Spa.

What is CoolSculpting + Zwave and how does it work?

Our CoolSculpting machine is the newest in the market, which includes new applicators to improve fat reduction and allow for a more comfortable treatment.

With CoolSculpting + Zwave in Lone Tree, not only can you freeze your fat away—but your treatment will be more effective than any other place in town.

What is the ZWave™?

Not only do we offer CoolSculpting in Lone Tree, but we also pair the treatment with the ZWave. While most med spas simply hand-massage the treatment area after performing CoolSculpting, DejaVu Med Spa uses the ZWave to deeply and effectively break up frozen pockets of fat. This leads to better results in less time for our clients, sometimes after just one session!

The Zwave is an innovative device that creates consistent results. Clients that opt for CoolSculpting+ see improved results by as much as 30%. Even better, the recovery time is even faster—as much as 50%!

The Zwave also ensures fewer side effects from CoolSculpting+, which can include tingling, numbness, or dull or sharp pains.

To summarize, clients who opt for CoolSculpting + Zwave in Lone Tree experience—

  • Better results by up to 30%
  • Less recovery time by up to 50%
  • Fewer side effects (tingling, numbness, dull or sharp pain)

Ready to go for it? Need more information? Contact us today to learn more and take the first steps to getting the summer body you’ve always dreamed of—permanently.

Why DejaVu Med Spa?

There are a variety of places to receive CoolSculpting in Lone Tree and surrounding areas. So why try DejaVu?

Best-in-the-Market Technology

DejaVu Med Spa is proud to say that we are able to offer the best CoolSculpting+ procedure in Lone Tree. Our CoolSculpting+ machines and applicators are the most up-to-date versions that exist and we have taken special care to ensure our technology is the highest caliber possible to deliver results that work for our clients. In combination with the Zwave, you’ll be feeling more slim and smooth than ever before… in less time!

Top-of-the-Line Staff

The DejaVu Med Spa staff is unmatched in service and experience within the Lone Tree med spa community. Our primary administrator of CoolSculpting, Nicole, has been performing the CoolSculpting procedure for years; if you’re looking for a master-trained CoolSculpting provider in Lone Tree (literally unheard of in our industry!) look no further.

Personal Care & Attention

Our staff is attentive and dedicated to providing warm hospitality and a personalized treatment plan that works for your needs—including skin type, lifestyle, and budget.

Learn More

Our technology and capabilities for CoolSculpting+ in Lone Tree are the best in town. Feel free to stop by our location off Rosemont Avenue to learn more, or give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about CoolSculpting or the ZWave.

You can also schedule a fun, educational, and (best of all) complimentary consultation any time.

The team at DejaVu will review your skin using the Visia Analysis system to check for texture, pores, UV damage, discoloration, and more. We will also discuss any other aesthetic concerns you may have, including whether or not CoolSculpting+ will work for you.


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