Forever Young BBL

Forever Young BBL in Lone tree,Colorado

–Target uneven skin

Forever Young BBL Treatment:

Forever Young BBL in Lone Tree, Colorado can treat the appearance of uneven skin tones on your face, neck, and chest. FYBBL can leave your skin looking clearer, smoother, more vibrant, and younger-looking. Leave the uneven surfaces to the mountains.

We also proudly serve the Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, Castle Rock & Parker areas in Colorado.

Treatment overview


Whole Body

Time & Recovery

Forever Young BBL Procedure Time
30 to 45 minutes

Forever Young BBL Recovery Time
0 – 5 Days

–Benefits of Forever Young BBL


Restore Your Youthfulness

By gently heating the upper layers of your skin, the Forever Young BBL laser in Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, Castle Rock & Parker areas in Colorado can eliminate the fine vessels that cause redness and target unwanted melanin that produces pigmented lesions. Clients experience firmer, clearer, brighter, more vibrant, and younger-looking skin with zero downtime.

Treatment Tailored to You

A Forever Young BBL treatment can be customized to your skin’s sensitivity, your aesthetic goals, and your lifestyle. During your initial consultation, our medical professionals will recommend the best approach.

Little to No Downtime

Forever Young BBL is a noninvasive treatment with a quick recovery time. On average, patient downtime time ranges from zero to five days. This depends on skin sensitivity, size of area treated and the severity of treatment. Receive youthful skin with Forever Young BBL in Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, Castle Rock & Parker areas in Colorado.

Environmental Damage

We love Colorado and its beauty and endless outdoor adventures. Over time, skin starts to reflect the effect of environmental factors such as sun damage, cold temperatures, and dry winds. DejaVu Med Spa offers Forever Young BBL in Lone Tree Colorado to rejuvenate your complexion.

Healthy & Youthful Skin

Forever Young BBL is an innovative technology that uses the world’s most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) device on the market, also called Broad Band Light (BBL), to deliver light energy and heat the area of concern. The light energy is absorbed by the targeted areas to stimulating changes in skin tone, texture, elasticity, and pigmentation — for visible, long-lasting improvement after just one treatment.

–Rejuvenate Your Complexion


DejaVu recalls an experience you’ve already seen – and it’s a healthier, younger you.


Coloradans thrive on achieving obstacles – either climbing to a new elevation or excelling in our day-to-day lives.

Similar to mountains, we’re always maintaining our balance on uneven surfaces to achieve our goal. Uneven surfaces are great until you start thinking about your complexion.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What will happen during the procedure?

Either a cooling gel or topical numbing will be applied to the skin. Then, a chilled applicator is placed on the skin to deliver light therapy.

Are Forever Young BBL Treatments painful?

No, however, in areas that feel more sensitive we will use topical numbing to make you more comfortable.

What type of downtime should I expect with Forever Young BBL?

In most cases there is virtually no down time and you may apply your makeup right away.

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